welcome to momme

The arrival of my daughter Sarah, turned my entire world upside down. This bundle of dynamite provided the motivation to launch MOMME (Mommying Made Easier)

First came the sling that would keep Sarah close and content being next to Mommy, but what about all the other paraphernalia? Diapers, soothers, bottles, wipes...

Thus was born a mom's best friend, the MOMME TOTE. Finally, a way to keep things organized; Practical and fashionable it fits nicely on a stroller, on your back or over the shoulder; leaving mommy hands free to take care of baby.

As a momtrepreneur, with three babies now, I invite you to view our complete line of MOMME products; and you too can feel more confident, stylish and happy while enjoying your baby.

In support of moms, all MOMME products are made in Canada by a team of professional mom seamstresses. Quality and compassion is of my utmost concern because we as mothers deserve to feel valued!


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